My favorite season is summer because, I just love the atmosphere. I love the warm temperature and all the green leaves and beautiful flower blooming. Summer is such an amazing season for me because I don’t have to go to school for three months and sometimes I get to go to Thailand for summer vacation. I don’t have to worry about all the school work I have to do and deal with all the annoying little kids at school, I just love waking up and being able to go outside with my shirt off and lay down outside on the sofa on my back porch. Oh! and don’t forget you get to hang out with friends a lot more often, and make plans to do whatever you wish to do. But to me the best part of summer is being able to go back to Thailand and visit my family and friends who I truly love and appreciate. Going back to Thailand after two years put a big smile on my face, that is when I have the most fun and brings the most happiness to me. But spring is also my favorite season because it’s warm, and all the flowers are blooming, and the animals that just came out from hibernating. Also winter is just over and the relief of cold and misery winter is gone. My birthday is also in spring so thats why spring is also my favorite season.